Enlightened and Inspired with the Nordic Business Forum

On October 6th and 7th the Nordic Business Forum will host an event featuring 12 powerful and dynamic speakers covering a range of topics from digitalization, culture and marketing. Based out of Helsinki, Finland, the Nordic Business Forum is dedicated to become “one of the most noteworthy business seminars in the world by 2021.” It’s first annual event officially started in 2010 with three presenters and 80 attendees. By its second year, it grew to 1800 attendees and 13 speakers including Al Gore, one of the first international speakers to join. This year, which is sold out, will see 5500 attendees attending the Nordic Business Forum to listen, learn, network and idea build.

Nordic Business Forum Inspires

What is unique about this event is not just the format and focus of the event to “make a difference and an impact in the world through a better business.” It is focused on giving back through its program Inspiration for Two. For every ticket purchased a young person in junior high or high school, based around Finland, will have the opportunity to meet with the Nordic Business forum for a day of “inspiration and intrapreneurship.” To date, the Nordic Business Forum met with over 12,600 students and plans to extend this program throughout other areas of the Nordic region and the Baltics. The Nordic Business Forum has also donated over 12,700 trees in its effort to reduce its  “computational footprint.”

The 2016 Panel

This year’s panel is included below and more information is available here. Noted, only a third of this panel can be found on a Ted Talk, giving attendees exposure to a unique and exciting range of speakers that will be breaking ground in Helsinki.


  • Anita Krohn Traaseth
  • Dick Costolo
  • Peter Diamandis
  • Des Traynor
  • Scott Galloway


  • Jessica Jackley
  • Amy Chua
  • Ed Catmull
  • Vineet Nayar


  • Tony Hawk
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Seth Godin

The Event and Opportunities

The event includes a multitude of networking opportunities using Brella, a tool that allows attendees to schedule meet ups at themed meeting tables. Attendees will also be able to download the NBForum 2016 mobile app, which will allow them to access seminar information and share comments along with captured images and moments. For those unable to attend the sold out event there is the opportunity to access their Live Stream with a price structure for individuals and groups. Pricing information is available here.

If you haven’t been aware of the Nordic Business Forum, there is no time like the present to follow their activity on Facebook and Twitter. Of the many values outlined, this one stands out for us:

Entrepreneurial mindset

Our mission is to encourage entrepreneurial mindset among organizations and people. We believe that entrepreneurship keeps the societies going and entrepreneurial mindset keeps the companies going. People with the entrepreneurial mindset are life-long learners who strive for personal development.

Congratulations to the Nordic Business Forum for the continued growth and success of this event. There is only forward momentum coming from this group, and we’re keeping our eye on them to learn more and spread the word.

– Diana Gaffney