Need a Job? Flexjobs Vets Employers, Promotes Work Flexibility

Flexjobs - Sarah Fell Sutton, Founder
Sara Sutton Fell founded Flexjobs in 2007. With the goal of continuing her career as a working mom, she found it difficult to find flexible job opportunities. Most work from home opportunities proved to be scams, and finding flexible professional roles limited. She decided to put her research to work and founded FlexJobs. 
Since its launch, FlexJobs’ database has grown to offer nearly 30,000 job opportunities listed by over 4,000 companies. Sutton Fell has a remote team that validates the positions posted. Big names looking to hire include companies such as Apple, Dell, IBM and ADP.

Range of Positions with Flexjobs 

The range of jobs posted is pretty big in scope. Job seekers can come across professional full time roles (we’ve seen Director and VP positions with or without telecommuting options), social media marketing and community management, medical transcription or basic entry-level work like data entry . In between, is everything from customer service specialists, Ruby on Rails engineers, translators, researchers, non profit grant writers, copywriters, copy editors, accountants, and sales and marketing roles.

Flexible Job Searches

Job searches can be filtered by full-time, part-time, contract and freelance. You can also filter jobs by location, full-time telecommuting, part-time telecommuting, or on site. FlexJobs offers members a truly flexible resource for job searching.
To access the full database of jobs on offer, post a resume online and access skill tests membership is required. Prices are reasonable for the services offered. Memberships can be purchased monthly at $14.95 a month, $29.95 for three months and $49.95 for a year, giving members flexibility in trying out the service.

Recognizing a Flexible Mission

FlexJobs is making a difference and it shows, from the awards received to testimonials by members who’ve landed jobs thanks to Flexjobs’ commitment, focus and structure.
With the success of FlexJobs, Sarah Sutton Fell actively continues her support of flexible work and changing the workforce landscape:
” …it’s worth mentioning that since Sara started FlexJobs, her passion hasn’t stopped there: she also has started 1 Million for Work Flexibility. In addition, for her work in the technology and employment fields, Sara was asked to join the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader group, won a Workforce Management Game Changers Award, and was highlighted as a Rising Star: 10 CEOs to Watch by American Express OPEN Forum.”
If you’re looking for a flexible role, make Flexjobs your resource!