Looking for Remote Work? Start Your Job Search with These Resources

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Remote job search

Whether you’re looking for freelance or full time work you want to lean on some solid resources to target your search. The lists below are a snapshot of resources with current listings from some of the top companies looking for remote workers in tech.

Job Boards


Skillcrush is at the top of my list as a resource to find work on-site and remote. They also provide training for anyone taking the leap into tech, whether staring or changing careers. Along with their blueprint courses, Skillcrush does a great job at providing insight on how to marketing yourself for full time or freelance work. Below is a subset of their recommended Job Boards


See the full list released by Skillcrush.

Women Digital Nomads

Check out Women Digital Nomads to dig into their tips on managing the digital nomad life. They have an extensive library on digital life from country to country.

They also have a list of recommended job boards focused on remote work, many cross over with Skillcrush’s list. A few that differ include:

Authentic Jobs

Remote Job Search Tips

Hubstaff’s blog post with tips on how to find remote jobs is pretty interesting. It goes beyond how to organize your remote job search and track results. In their post “4 Little-Known Hacks for Finding Remote Work” there’s strategy for using LinkedIn, Slack, and Twitter to job search. The author, Mary Green, also breaks down how to cold email:

By far, my most favorite way to find work is cold emailing. But for some reason cold emailing scares people. They closely relate it to cold calling, when it is more like sending out your resume. For that reason, I’ll also refer to this as job outreach.

Now please keep in mind: I refuse to wait around for opportunities to find me. Not because they don’t come along, but because when I want or need something, I think it’s up to me to get it. Along the lines of: I’m in control of my destiny.

There’s a lot of good advice in her post so check it out.

Good luck on your search. Have a resource you recommend for the remote job search? Let us know!