Nomad List, Are You a Digital Nomad?

nomadlist_logoWhat is Nomad List?

A growing shift in the workforce isn’t just noticed in the increase of remote workers. It’s noticeable in the shift of digital professionals who choose to work remotely around the world. Working remotely no longer¬†means sitting around at home so you can work¬†in your pajamas.

Nomad List finds you the best places in the world to live and work remotely. It collects over 50,000 data points about 500+ cities around the world, from cost of living, temperature to safety. With that data Nomad List tries to make a good estimate of where you, as a digital nomad, should go next.”

Nomad List was started by Pieter Levels who has been spending the past year launching a start up a month over twelve months. Nomad List is part of his overall vision supporting work and mobile lifestyle in a digital world.