Power to Fly, Women in the Remote Digital Workforce

Power to Fly was founded by Katharine Zaleski and Milena Berry, two women focused on introducing more women to the digital work place by combining their technology skill sets with the ability to work remotely.

According to Zaleski in a recent piece by CBS news:

“The percentage of women in the workforce is going down in the U.S. because we’re telling women that they need to be in the office all the time and that’s clearly not working,” Zaleski said.

In 2000, nearly 59 percent of women 20 and older were employed, an all time high. But since then that ratio has fallen back to 55 percent.”

Companies hiring women through Power to Fly include Buzzfeed, Hearst, The Washington Times and The New York Times and more than 1000 companies have jobs posted through this website.

When asked by Fortune.com whether working from home would limit a woman’s change to grow in her career path, Milena Berry had a great response:

Berry: I see a lot of high profile positions being done remotely in various industries – not just in tech. Companies need to change the way they work and the cultures they support to create more intimacy and culture online and require less of a physical presence. I was a CTO of a large nonprofit and my chances didn’t get hurt by being a working from home mommy.

Curious about opportunities to put your digital skill sets to work and improve your work/life balance? Go to Power to Fly and get your profile online!