Working Remote: Find Your WiFi in New York and San Francisco

WiFi Coffee Shops, NY and SF

Coffee shops are an easy go to when you’re location independent. The basic “challenges” you run into are getting to a coffee shop only to find someone sitting in “your spot” or finding a spot to sit with no accessible place to charge up your laptop. Having limited battery time is a great way to stay focused when you need to get work done asap. Since I often travel between New York and San Francisco, we’re focusing on spots to work out of in these two area.

Coffeeshops NYC

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of hipster coffee shops, posted on The Infatuation. also published a list which includes a map of locations to park yourself and a laptop within counter distance of coffee.

The Gothamist shares their list and includes one of my favorite spots Ninth Street Espresso.

My favorite place to visit when I’m in NYC is the New York Main Public Library in the Stephen A, Schwarzmann building on 476 5th Avenue. The grandeur and beauty of this location is epic.

If you’re on Long Island and near Port Jefferson Harbor, an amazingly quaint spot to go is the Port Jefferson Free Library. It was founded in 1908:

 when the Ladies Literary Society of Port Jefferson, a group which included many of the leading women of the community, decided to take action. On March 8 of that year they voted to organize a library and shortly thereafter leased a room on the second floor of the C.F. Robbins grocery store for $3 a month, payable in advance. The Robbins store (later the Hulse store and eventually torn down) stood on the southwest corner of what is now East Broadway and East Main Street.

The Starbucks is just minutes away, so when you need to get your laptop fix with coffee head to 201 Main Street.


Coffeeshops in San Francisco

7×7 Magazine published their list of best coffee shops in The Best Coffee Shops With Free WiFi in Each Neighborhood. This list is broken down by neighborhood.

The Infatuation includes their list for San Francisco, I agree with Duboce Park Cafe and noticed they missed a Lower Haight neighborhood fave, Cafe du Soleil. An amazing hidden gem is Oakside Cafe off of Broderick and Oak Street. My favorite spot is Java Beach on Lay Playa and Irving. IMHO, you can’t beat being at a coffee shop just off the beach.

Good luck finding your spot whether in New York or San Francisco. Have a suggestion? Let us know.